What is SMP

SMP is the abbreviation of Scalp Micro-Pigmentation. Many people use also the name “scalp tatoo” or “hair tatoo“. The principe is simple : to draw thousand of very small dots (tatoos) on a shaved scalp to simulate an hair growing.

Unlikely normal tatoos, you have to use a special ink and a very high tech SMP equipment to proceed. The technician have to be high graduated to avoid big mistakes, like big ink stain or worse.

The choice of the ink is very important in SMP. An oily skin for example need a special ink and a special pen to avoid too big dots however a dry skin will need another technique for dots.

Many great and famous schools offer a Scalp Micropigmentation courses from technician to Master degrees like Scalpa (US) or the Kanokpat Scalp Micropigmentation School in Phuket, Thailand. . SMP is a modern baldness treatment

Do you want to see some examples ?