Master Pod is a Permanent Makeup Specialist for eyebrows, lips contour, full lips, and eyeliner.

Experience : more than 4 years

Formation : Kanokpat Beauty Academy in Phuket

Diploma : Master

Best Award : 2nd Price at the International Permanent Makeup Contest 2017

Technician & Assistant Master Pod

Master Pod started his career as assistant of Master Kanokpat for Permanent Makeup in Phuket Town, Thailand. He is specialized in Permanent Makeup for eyebrows eyeliner, contour lips and full lips and especially for the new techniques like 3D eyebrows 6D eyebrows and many other techniques.

He joined the Kanokpat Beauty Academy and has been successfully graduated as Master for Permanent Makeup. He also studied communication to become a teacher and trainer for Permanent Makeup at the Kanokpat Beauty Academy in Chalong. Today he offers formation in Permanent Makeup to more than 500 students per year.

2017, he participated to the International Permanent Makeup Competition with tausend of other Permanent Makeup technicians from all over the world. He made a very good job as he has got an Award for the 2nd place !

Master Pod is in charge of the Permanent Makeup Beauty Salon in Phuket Town where he has many customers from Thailand for eyebrows, eyeliner, lips contour or full lips.

Scal Micropigmentation

He acts also a technical assistant of Master Kanokpat for Scalp Micropigmentation at the Scalp Micro Phuket Institute in Chalong. Master Pod plans to join the Kanokpat Beauty Academy in 2018 to get a further formation about Scalp Micropigmentation. By success he will be also a trainer and Teacher at the Kanokpat Beauty Academy for Scalp Micropigmentation in Chalong.

He belongs to the most graduated and greatest technician for Permanent Makeup in Thailand. He is well known for his high technical knowledge. He is a perfectionist with a very sogt way to apply permanent Makeup, with the ability to “know” what ist the best for each customer.