Master Kanokpat is one of the most famous Beauty Expert in Thailand.

Experience : more than 10 years

Diploma :

  • Master in Permanent Makeup
  • Master in Physiognomy & Feng Shui
  • High graduated in Scalp Micropigmentation
  • Official International Judge for Beauty Competitions

Activity :

  • Director of the Beauty Academy Phuket
  • Manager of 2 x Beauty Institutes (Phuket Town + Chalong)
  • Owner of the Award Winning Brand 2017 “Bellezzano

Master Kanokpat

Master Kanokpat has been working many years as TV announcer on different TV channels like Channel 5, Channel 8 or the thai national TV RBT. She acted as announcer but also as reporter and she has got also her own TV show “wow Phuket”.

This activity gave her the opportunity to meet many people, especially some stars from the “beauty” business. She also heard about Permanent Makeup for the first time : “as a TV announcer, i have to spend many hours every day to makeup. As I heard about Permanent Makeup, I thought immediately that this could hep me to save a lot of time every day”

Master Kanokpat studied many PMU techniques and finally opened one of the first Beauty Salon specialized in Permanent Makeup in Thailand.

She learned also new techniques in different Asian country and how to teach this specific application. Finally she opened one of the first Permanent Makeup Academy in Phuket Town and then a bigger one in Chalong.

Today, the Kanokpat Beauty Academy receive more than 500 student yearly from all over the world.